Ventolin inhaler price

After a visit to the pediatrician we received a prescription for the pharmacy, including Ventolin. The pediatrician told us not to accept a house brand, Ventolin or something else. The reason for this was that it does not fit well and that there is a lot of cheating with these brand names, namely; real Ventolin is declared, while a private label is provided to the patient ?! At the pharmacy I got the wind from the front because ‘I did not think so’ (they pretended that I had thought of it …). End well all right, it is now in order and tomorrow I can pick it up. Does anyone have experience with a Ventolin inhaler price replacement? Or did anyone have a cozy meeting with a pharmacy assistant?

What is a Ventolin private label? Anyway, I think it’s weird if they would give a house brand, my Ventolin only costs 12 euros. I do not really bother to give anything else then. Do you just get the Ventolin now? Did they really have to order?

Ventolin inhaler price

Yes recognizable. “House brand” Ventolin is unbranded Salbutamol. Our pharmacy does not give it anymore because they have very bad experiences with it. When our son Qvar was prescribed, they also wanted to give the unbranded Beclomethason first, but I did not agree anymore. Last time the doctor had prescribed Airomir instead of Ventolin, but that did not work at all.

I have also had problems that I did not receive Ventolin but salbutamol. If that is not a problem, of course, but the comment “yes, but that is exactly the same I do not believe anymore” (it is the same active substance, but by other tools it is possible to have a different effect). Finally, after explicit mention of the GP on the prescription that the Ventolin inhaler price should be, I got the good again.

For people who still have a chance to get a no claim back, it is worth checking whether a brandless product works. For the most part here, that will not apply? I notice that the difference in (consumer) price that is charged is often very small. (Of course I do not know the profit margins at the pharmacy or pharmaceuticals of the various resources.) If you want to compare consumer price information for medicines, go to www.medicijnkosten.nl. It also makes a lot of difference what quantity (ie for how many days / months) you indicate: the longer the period, the cheaper the medicines (per dose) will be. Quantum discount? I understand that it makes a difference whether you want a whole box or just one tablet with tablets. The latter is much more difficult. But the price difference between 1 diskus serevent or 3 of them, that should still be price difference 1 in 3. Yet that is not the case. The pediatrician wrote my son airomir (has smaller particles as a Ventolin inhaler price and comes

therefore deeper in the lungs), at the pharmacy they gave ventolin, when I said that was not on the prescription I got an answer: mrs. that is the same. I have to explain to them that that is not the same

and contains smaller particles! Very discussion before I got that airomir. I think that a pharmacy is you

must give what is on the recipe and nothing else!

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