Ventolin inhaler coupon

Ventolin inhaler coupon is an inhaler that is recommended for use in the immediate treatment of asthma. The drug can be ordered at the Medilico online clinic. The prescription for Ventolin inhaler will be issued by a doctor cooperating with us based on an online medical consultation. The consultation, in the form of a form available when placing an order, takes a few minutes. Drugs are sent directly from the pharmacy by express courier UPS.

The Ventolin inhaler coupon inhaler is recommended by physicians in the case of asthmatic attacks. Adopted ad hoc, before or during a seizure, relieves its symptoms, improves airflow through the airways and facilitates breathing. Ventolin inhaler is available as an aerosol (Evohaler) containing 100 mcg of salbutamol and as a disk (Accuhaler) containing 200 mcg of salbutamol.

What is worth knowing about Ventolin inhaler coupon?

Ventolin inhaler coupon, a drug administered in inhaled form, containing the active substance – salbutamol. Ventolin inhaler coupon relieves the symptoms of an asthma attack, allows you to control the disease and thus improves the quality of life of people suffering from this disease. It is available in the form of an aerosol, which gives a single dose of 100 mcg of the active substance or in the form of a disc giving 200 mcg of this substance. Ventolin inhaler is completely safe and can be used even by children.

How does Ventolin inhaler coupon work?

Ventolin inhaler coupon effectively relieves the symptoms of an asthmatic attack due to the active substance it contains – salbutamol. During an asthma attack, there is a bronchospasm that makes the air harder to pass through. It causes shortness of breath, breathing problems and a feeling of tightness in the chest. Salbutamol stimulates beta2-adrenergic receptors found in smooth muscle. Thanks to this, muscle relaxes and bronchial dilatation. The air can pass freely through the bronchi, and the patient breathes freely.

Ventolin inhaler inhalation aerosol (Evohaler) – dosage

Ventolin inhaler coupon Evohaler contains salbutamol as a suspension and provides a single dose of 100 micrograms of this active substance. The dose and frequency of use should be agreed with your doctor. If the patient thinks that a dose adjustment is needed during treatment, he should ask for advice from a doctor.


Adults and children over 12 years of age (unless the doctor recommends otherwise) should take 1 to 2 doses of the medicine once (which corresponds to 100 – 200 micrograms salbutamol). The drug is taken immediately when an asthma attack occurs or 10 – 15 minutes before contact with the allergen or before physical activity.

Children under 12 years of age should take one dose (100 micrograms salbutamol) immediately during the attack, before physical activity or before contacting the allergen. If necessary, your doctor may recommend a double dose (200 mcg).

Children under 5 years of age who have been advised by the doctor to use Ventolin inhaler should take it with a special inhaler chamber – Babyhaler.

Ventolin inhaler aerosol can be used up to 4 times a day (the maximum dose is 8 inhalations – 800 micrograms salbutamol). If the patient feels that the drug works less effectively than before and needs to increase the dosage, he should immediately contact a doctor who may decide to change the method of treatment.

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